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  • What is Lords of Mob Town
    Lords of Mob Town is a high quality NFT Project launching on the Cardano blockchain. Focused on bringing art of the highest quality and long term utility to it's community.
  • Wen Mint?
    Estimated Date 1st July 8pm UTC
  • How many NFT's will be released?
    In collection one, there will be 1,800 3D 4K resolution Lords unleashed on the Cardano Blockchain
  • How much is the mint?
    The first collection will be minting at around 50ada, with 10% artist royalties on secondary marketplaces. This could change dependant on price of ADA at time of launch.
  • Is there a whitelist?
    Yes. To get whitelist, please follow instructions from the "How to whitelist" channel in our discord server. The team will also be handpicking our best community members an giving out whitelist to the DAO's of some other projects.
  • How to mint?
    All instructions on how to mint will be posted in the week before mint. Keep an eye on our discord announcements and FAQ's.
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