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History & Lore

It's the year 2032, 5 years on from the accidental release of the man made super virus from a secret laboratory in the ancient town of Louras. The virus spread like wildfire across the world wiping out over half of the world's population, with them rising from the dead as what most would describe as Zombie’s. Only the toughest of mankind would survive the apocalypse to this day, creating a fortress in a new Town just outside of Los Angeles known as MOB Town; occupied by 5000 of the toughest members from a range of gangs. They are known now as the Lords of MOB Town.


The Lords leave the town on looting missions only to find supplies needed for survival, whilst bringing back any materials that may help with  building a secure base around the town and provide shelter for those within. Outside of the town, with most of mankind being wiped out, Aliens from another planet have invaded and taken control of most of the world's major Cities. The Lords have come to battle with Aliens on a number of occasions, losing a number of Lords in battle but managing to take out some Aliens and steal their precious Ray Gun in the process. 


The Mad Scientist of MOB town is feared by the Lords just from his sheer intelligence, and they believe he is pivotal to the Lords reigning supreme in a battle to take back over the world; destroying the virus and  recreating mankind as it once was. To do this, the scientist is at work trying to engineer something special using the technology  recovered from the Ray Gun. What will he create? The story will continue following the completion of Roadmap 1.0 …



Mad Scientist.jpg


Lords of Mob Town are working to provide long term utility for their community, roadmap 2.0 will be filled with exciting collaborations and news focusing on bridging the gap between NFT's and real life, providing utility outside of the blockchain. With this we are confident that our community will have a solid ROI in the long term.

Phase 1

- Create artwork 

- Write up the History/Lore of Mob Town

- Go live with Twitter & Discord

- Announce partnerships with other CNFT Projects

Phase 3

- Launch merchandise on online store (Partnership with all kinds of NFT projects)

- Purchase metaverse land to hold in treasury wallet (Land to be decided by community)

- Verify Lord holders and create exclusive discord channels. Votes will be held to decide the future of the project (DAO like)

Phase 2

- Officially launch website

- Complete the launch of our utility token $MOB and announce tokenomics

- Release 1,800 Lords on the Cardano blockchain

- Release rarity chart 

Phase 4

- Launch 2 more, fun NFT collections based on the history of LOMT. Pencil sketches & 2D Artwork. We are an art first project, focusing on giving talented artists a platform.

- Build roadmap 2.0 - Reveal the plans from the Mad Scientist. What has he been building in the underground laboratory of MOB Town. Holder of The Mad Scientist 1/1 will be rewarded here

Art preview

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